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When the chocolate sprouts
If after a long pressure with poets
»Bell blades« settle on »Lenzess swing«
Finally rhymes
And the Easter bunny in the back is already squeezing
Then Easter will come soon.

And if really then with bell blades
Easter approaches on Lenzessschwingen, – – –
Then with those poets
And with their young brides
Revel outside with intoxicated hands – – –
Oh, I think that’s terrible
In addition – under certain circumstances –

But in the morning on the breakfast table
Five, six, seven fluffy yellow, fresh
Eggs. And then kneel down all the way!
Ha! You can feel the spring warmth
Through secret passages and intestines
Moves into the future
And how grateful we are for such blessings
Must be.
Oh, I could kiss all the hens
Lay the balls drawn out in this way.
Joachim Ringelnatz

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